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Pleasant English Local Courses and Costs

- Main Course -

Our Main Course is a general English language course for students who want to improve their general use of English.

Listening and speaking are given main priority but there is plenty of practice in reading, and in the case of writing, only if the student wants and requires. Teachers organize the course to meet the needs of their students.


All lessons are varied and prepared in such a way as to make them as dynamic, stimulating, interesting and enjoyable as possible.

The Objective

At all levels to teach, if that be the right word, if not, to train the student to communicate well, accurately and effectively. Communicating is the concern of us all in our daily lives in whatever language we happen to use. Learning to be better communicators is important to all of us in both our private and public lives. Better communication means better understanding of ourselves and others; less isolation from those around us and more productive, happy lives.

Communication involves three main things:

1. Expression.


To express oneself as clearly, concisely, correctly and courteously as possible.


2. Interpretation.

Listening involves more than hearing what the other person is saying. It involves comprehending what that other person is feeling.

3. Negotiation.

Class Size


Individual and groups of no more than 4 persons.



There are six levels:


1. Beginner

2. Elementary

3. Pre-Intermediate

4. Intermediate

5. Post-Intermediate

6. Advanced.

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