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Pleasant English Local Courses and Costs


Cinema Club, Films, Games, Music and Song, TV Series and Short Stories


- All courses include the following additional material -

1. Cinema Club (for high intermediate and advanced level)

A place to chat, to debate and to interpret movies of all ages and genres.

Here are a number of reasons why film is an excellent teaching and learning tool:

Learning from films is motivating and enjoyable

Film provides authentic and varied language

Film gives a visual context

Variety and flexibility

Film can bring variety and flexibility to the language classroom by extending the range of teaching techniques and resources, helping students to develop all four communicative skills.

2. Films & Short Stories (for high intermediate and advanced level)

Short stories and movies to exercise our oral comprehension and interpretation and to trigger our expression.

Short stories are important because they can be read in a short period. They contain much less details than a normal story, thus forcing the reader to think, consider, wonder and make his/her own conclusions. Short stories are often used to teach some kind of lesson.
Characters in short stories don't need to have names, they can be universal, thus the reader can relate to a certain character.

There are five important elements of a short story:







3. Games.


4. Music and Song (for pre-intermediate, intermediate, high intermediate and advanced)

Reasons for using songs in class:

·         To present a topic, a language point, lexis, etc.

·         To teach culture and history

·         To practice repetition and repetition enhances  learning

·         To teach vocabulary and pronunciation

·         To practice a language point, lexis, etc.

·         To focus on common learner errors in a more direct way

·         To encourage extensive and intensive listening

·         To stimulate discussion of attitudes and feelings

·         To encourage creativity and use of imagination

·         To provide a relaxed classroom atmosphere

·         To bring variety and fun to learning

5. TV Series (for high intermediate and advanced level)

A course designed to discover, to analyze and to enjoy American and British television series. We will look at episodes, we will analyze the different narrative genres, we will focus on the oral communication and we will share opinions about our favourite series. This course is for high intermediate and advanced level students.

Television series are shorter, they let you come back to the characters again and again and predict what will happen to them next. They often reflect real life, which means people in them use real language and grammar.


6. The comprehension, interpretation, comment, criticism and short discussion of short stories, poems, novels, essays, and the participation in short works of drama of one act. These are sufficient to promote your pleasure and enjoyment, and to develop other fundamental abilities such as the capacity or ability to discriminate, to judge and to decide.

The form of 'Pleasant English' in relation to the teaching and learning of a language is essentially concentrated on the student.  The teacher focuses on his needs, interests and objectives. You, the student, is the one who is encouraged to participate in an active way in the process of learning and acquisition of the language.  Last but not least, I say that to teach English is my main interest, and I do everything in my power to see that the language be learned in the most pleasant way possible. I know that my way of teaching is not exactly, letīs say, traditional or orthodox, but in spite of this I hope that you all enjoy the classes and that they will be of great benefit to you.

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