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- Conversation Course -

Conversation is the informal spoken exchange of thoughts and feelings, and it will include:

Topics such as freedom and equality, where is beauty?, free will, drives and needs, the voice of conscience, the unconscious mind, pleasure and pain, good or bad?, the general good, the golden rule, bioethics, life, sexism, gender, art, film, food, faith, travelling, business, culture, education, law, crime, pollution, the family, marriage, adoption, medicine, health, genetic engineering, cloning, advertising, music, relationships, friendship, the theatre and drama, philosophy, polite talk, social talk, love,  logic and reason, polemic issues, advertising, age: young and elderly, anger, annoying things, beauty and physical attractiveness, behaviour, cheating, clothing and fashion, complaining, conflict, corruption, creativity, drugs, encouragement, faith and faithlessness, fears, feelings, future , gender roles, generation gap, gestures, meet others, goals, gossip and rumours, habits, happiness, health, healthy lifestyle, hobbies, holidays, honesty and truth, humour, my life so far, what I like and dislike, manners, meaning of life and reasons for living, memory, mind, body and health, money and shopping, motivation, music, personality, politics, poverty, prejudice, privacy, race, religion, security inside and outside the house, secrets, social, sports, stress, supernatural, ghosts and superstitions, weather, unemployment, inexplicable, time, etcetera.

Discussion because it is important for all as it helps to:

1. Ascertain with others your interpretation of difficult concepts and  the language used when you listen and read. 

2. Interchange points of view and opinions with another and/or others on controversial and polemic topics. 

3. Solve problems, make decisions, and to arrive at an agreement with another and/or others. 

4. Explore and express your ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

5. Be better informed, and more confident and thoughtful in your writing


Role playing.

Interpretation. A great source of casual English conversation is film.  Watch and listen to American and English movies and read the subtitles.  This will also help you.

Short stories

Short talks

Class Size

Individual and in groups of no more than four persons. 


There are four levels:

1. Pre-Intermediate

2. Intermediate

3. Post-Intermediate

4. Advanced.


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