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Telephone lessons












Telephone Lessons


Telephone Lessons

A. Useful Information

What a time-saver ! 

Learning by telephone means no travelling to get to a class; you can have your lesson wherever you are.

Students are in a real life situation:
Along with the Internet, the telephone is the means of communication most-used by professionals.

Great flexibility:
Lessons are given when and where it suits you between 07.00 and 24.00 monday to sunday, at work, at home or away on a business trip.

A very efficient means of learning:

Learning by telephone allows you to progress very quickly because

 - using the phone trains you to listen precisely and this in turn leads to a better pronunciation,
- using the phone quickly helps you get over the fear of speaking,
- the length of the lessons enables the student to have maximum concentration for the period he/she wants and contracts.

What teaching materials are used?
Here every student has a lot of flexibility and  whatever works best for him/ner. For some it could be conversation which covers an almost infinite range of subjects and topics. For others it could be written material adapted to his or her linguistic and professional needs: course books, professional documents, press extracts, e-mails, website extracts, photos, the arts… These visual aids enable both structured work with the teacher during the lesson and personal work outside lesson time.

How long does a lesson last?
Each lesson can last from 25 minutes to 60 minutes depending on either cost-benefit analysis or each student’s possibilities and necessities. Students can be given  homework and/or written work to be done between each lesson if they want.

Each course is truly tailor-made:
The content of each course is adapted according to the student's needs as far as level, aims, profile, business sector and availability are concerned. Each student has his or her own tailor-made programme.

B. Our Quality Manifesto


Scope of activities
to put our experience and knowledge at the service of our customers - companies and students,
to accept only those assignments for which we are competent,

Pedagogical policy
to adapt the pedagogical contents and material to each student's and each company's needs and objectives,
to continually improve our methods and pedagogical material in order to follow any changes in the company's or the student's needs.

Customer and student satisfaction
to do everything possible to obtain customer and student satisfaction within the established pedagogical framework.

to guarantee that all information given to us during the courses remains confidential.



"But how do telephone lessons work ?"
Exactly like an individual face to face lesson, except that you can't see your teacher. You use your work tool, the telephone, as a tool for learning.

"I'm a beginner, telephone lessons can never be possible for someone of my level !"
On the contrary !, you learn the structures of a language - your lessons are not simply conversation classes.

"I can't always find a free slot at the same time and on the same day and as a result, I don't fit into a classic course and I miss a lot of lessons."
You are the one who choses the time and days which suit you - if you can't make your lesson, you just contact your teacher to fix another appointment.

"I need to learn a very specific vocabulary for my job."
The course content is based on your needs, not only in grammatical structures but also in professional and technical vocabulary.

"It's difficult to free myself to go to lessons which last between 1 and 2 hours, especially if I have to travel to get to them."
Our lessons are easy to fit in 1, 2 , 3 or times a week; you don't have to travel



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