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E-Mail Learning

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Telephone lessons


E-Mail learning












E-Mail Learning Offline and Telephone Lessons

1.E-Mail Learning Offline

- Costs - 

Local currency

One Month:      Pesos  1200

Two Months:    Pesos  2400

Three Months: Pesos  3600

Six Months:     Pesos  7200

US dollars

One Month:      US$    90

Two Months:    US$    180

Three Months: US$     271

Six Months:     US$     542

You may need to take a level test free of charge before starting.

You can download it here and return by e-mail for evaluation of your actual level in English if you so want.

Trial lesson free of charge.

To contract this service, please send an email  together with the following:

1. The reason why you want to improve and perfect your English.

2. Your necessities and interests concerning English.

3. What you want to obtain from this course.


For further information please send an email to

2. Telephone Lessons

- Costs - 

Local currency

Pesos $150 por 30 minutes

Pesos $225 por 45 minutes

Pesos $300 por 60 minutes

US dollars

US  $ 11,30 por 30 minutes

US  $ 17,00 por 45 minutes

US  $ 22,60 por 60 minutes

Please kindly note the following:

1. Trial lesson free of charge.                                                                                               2. Monthly payment in advance for the number of calls you decide to make. A minimum of four calls per month.

3. You may need to take a Placement Test. You can download it here.                  4. My email address, for any further information, is: and my telephone number is: (54 011) 4315-3286 and/or (0054) 9-11-6292-2541.

If you need to convert into other currencies, then please go here:

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