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 Numerology Relationship Report



Numerology Relationship Report

This produces in-depth reports for two people ROMANTICALLY involved, giving practical suggestions for making a stronger, more meaningful relationship.

These 14 to 18 page reports can help a couple to better understand and communicate with each other by giving them a new way to see the dynamics at work in their relationship. Every report covers 12 important themes, each of which is divided into three sections one for each of the two individuals and one for the two of them as a couple. 

The topics include:

First Impressions.

Your Adaptability.

Your Sociability.

Your Relations with Parents, Children and other Relatives.

Your Sensitivity to your own and each others' Feelings.

Your Ability to Communicate.

Your Ability to give Love and Affection.

Your Physical Compatibility.

Your Approach to Material Affairs.

Your Ability to Earn A Living.

Your Mutual Ambitions.


You can go here to see a sample report or to the sample report page.


- Cost -

The cost is US $5 per report and upon payment, (the payment option is number 1 (one) and you can go here to pay or to the payment page), please read the following instructions below very carefully in order to avoid any error, when completing the following and sending by e-mail Upon completion the report will be sent to you, as an attachment, by e-mail, using Microsoft Word 2002. If you require it to be sent using Notepad or WordPad or Excel or PowerPoint, please let us know.

Size of the report: approximately 37KB

First Person

Number of birth names [1-4]:

Number of current names [1-4]:

Birth name:

Current name:

Date of birth [month, day and year]: 

Second Person

Number of birth names [1-4]:

Number of current names [1-4]:

Birth name:

Current name:

Date of birth [month, day and year]: 


The number of names in both the birth name and the current name need to be forwarded.

If there are MORE  than  four (4) names, use only the FIRST [Christian] and  LAST [Surname] names. For example:

'William Steven David Matthew Crown' is forwarded as

'William Crown'. 


When sending the birth and current names always send them in this order, First name [Christian] followed by first middle name followed by second middle name followed by last name[ surname], and use the following rules for determining the correct names to use. 

- Birth Name -

Use the FULL NAME GIVEN AT BIRTH, including the complete middle name if there is one. This is usually the name as it exactly appears on the birth certificate. If the name on the birth certificate was never used or was changed shortly after birth, for whatever  reason, the name on the birth certificate is still the correct name to use. If a clerical error has occurred, use the actual name given at birth.

The only exception:  if you were adopted within 12 months of birth,

use the FULL ADOPTED NAME instead. 

- NAME ENTRY (continued) -

Current Name

The name you use now. If you use several different names, use the FULL NAME which you MOST STRONGLY IDENTIFY with.  That's usually the name you use with family and close friends.  Sometimes, if you have strong career identification, it's the name  used in your professional work. Only use the middle name (or initial) if you more strongly identify with it than without it.

- General -

If the name is hyphenated, eliminate the hyphen and

separate names. For example:

'Beth-Gayle Lewis' is forwarded as 'Beth Gayle Lewis' 

- NAME ENTRY [continued] -

If the last name [ surname] is made of compounds, combine them  into one name, leaving a space between each compound part. For example:

 'Arthur van der Kalen' is forwarded as 'Arthur van der kalen'

'George DeWitt' is forwarded as 'George De Witt'

This assures that Y's and W's, when present, are correctly detected    as vowels or consonants. If the name contains a Jr.  or Sr.  or II,  III,  etc., following the name, then omit it. For example:

'Henry Ford, Jr.' is forwarded as 'Henry Ford'


This is the date -- month, day and year -- shown on the birth

certificate. If a clerical error has occurred, use the actual date of    birth, not the date on the birth certificate. This is the only correct    date to use. 


This is the year used for the forecast which consists of the current    Life Path Period (Cycle), Pinnacle and Personal Year. The Personal  Year, active from January 1 to December 31, changes annually during its nine year cycle before repeating itself. Since the forecast will change every year, it is a good idea to run at least a progressed report at the beginning of each New Year. The Life Path Period and Pinnacle are longer term cycles and do not change every year.

Software used: Microsoft Word 2003

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