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 Numerology Reader


Companion Reader, Compatibility and Numerology

The costs of these three services are:

US $2.00 for 15 consultations in total of any three services.

US $2.50 for 21 consultations in total of any three services.

US $3.00 for 27 consultations in total of any three services.

US $4.00 for 42 consultations in total of any three services.

US $5.00 for 51 consultations in total of any three services.

This allows you to submit by email to: , as from date of payment, as many of the companion reader (page before), compatibility (page before) and numerology (this page) as you like within the amount paid for. The readings and answers will be returned to you straightaway for those who have included the current date for the reading or answer. You may download a copy of this page here: Download zip file .

The payment option by credit card is number 2 (two) and you can go here to pay or to the payment page. Thank you.

Numerology Reader

This should be used by anyone and everyone who has an open mind and who is curious about the ancient art of predicting the future via Astrology and Numerology.

Your Date of Birth [ mm/dd/year]:

Your Mother’s Date of Birth [ mm/dd/year]:

Your Father’s Date of Birth [mm/dd/year]

Select current date or any past, present or future date of your choice [ mm/dd/year]:

Please choose any or all of the below mentioned options you require:

YNS                your soul and family numbers

MNS               your mother’s soul number

FNS                your father’s soul number

STS                outcome for any given day in any year

LNS                your lucky numbers for the selected date

UNS                your unlucky numbers for the selected date

LPW               Life Force

SPW               Spirit Power

PLK                Personal Luck

BLK                Business Luck

GMS               birthstone, flower and symbol

EER                Evil Eye reading

NME               name interpretation

                       List any first name/ names and date or dates of birth corresponding

                       to each and every first name [ mm/dd/year]:

1.      Name:

 Date of Birth [mm/dd/year]:

2.      Name:

Date of Birth [mm/dd/year]


SNR                sports reading [For sports reading please name both teams

                        and the game date ]

                       Team 1:


                       Game date:


LOV                love and your Astrological Sign

BOD               “anatomy” and your Astrological Sign

WEA               wealth and your Astrological Sign

LIN                  your color, metal, stone, plant and etc.

TRA                your negative and positive traits

COU               who is compatible with your Astrological Sign

CAR               careers for your Astrological Sign


DRS              dream interpretation (over 1000 dreams explained).

                      Just list what you dreamed of (one object

                      from your dream at a time). So, for example, “car” is one

                      object and “ice cream” is also one object. Your dream will be

                      explained no matter how many things you saw in it. Please

                      note that different things can predict the same outcome, so

                      don’t be surprised if you entered "field" and the explanation

                      refers to both "rice" and "field." Why? Because some of the

                      explanations go back hundreds of years!

                      List Object/Objects [ not too many please]:


FDR               fate reading


DEF               death reading [ THIS IS ONLY GIVEN IF EXPRESSLY


                       If you require fill in the details below. If not, leave in blank.


                      Your full name:

                      Your Birth Year:

                      Your Mother's full name:

                      Your Mother's Birth Year:

                      Your Father's full name:

                      Your Father's Birth Year:

                      Your Gender [ Male or Female]:

                      Your Favorite Color:

                      Your Favorite Number:


BLR              blood type reading


CRA              companion reading

                       To compare any two individuals enter their names (first and

                       last) and birthdays


                      Name of first individual [ first and last name]:

                      Date of birth of first individual[ mm/dd/year]:


                      Name of second individual [ first and last name]:

                      Date of birth of second individual [ mm/dd/year]:


CRR             companion reading report


CIR                intuition power reading

                      Please select a number from one to 10:

                      Please select a color [ white, yellow, green, red, blue, brown or


                      Please select a shape[ triangle, square or circle]:


If this interests you, please download a copy here: Download zip

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