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 Numerology Relationship Report,

Sample Numerology Relationship Report






T O M  H A N K S

a n d

R I T A  W I L S O N









      YEAR:                                   2004                                                   2004

      PROGRESSED AGE:            48                                                       46

      LIFE PATH PERIOD:                9                                                         8

      PINNACLE:                                1                                                         4

      PERSONAL YEAR:                  4                                                         6






      LIFE PATH:                            19/1                                                    14/5

      EXPRESSION:                           5                                                    13/4

      SOUL URGE:                         14/5                                                         1

      BIRTHDAY:                                  9                                                         8


      REPEATED NUMBERS:           5                                                         5

      INTENSITY POINTS:               1, 8                                                         9

      CHALLENGE:                             4                                                         4

      MATURITY NUMBER:                6                                                         9







      LIFE PATH:                            19/1                                                    14/5

      EXPRESSION:                      11/2                                                    14/5

      SOUL URGE:                              7                                                          7

      BIRTHDAY:                                  9                                                          8


      REPEATED NUMBERS:                                                                     5

      INTENSITY POINTS:                                                                             


U N D E R S T A N D I N G  E A C H  O T H E R -- A N D

T H I S  R E L A T I O N S H I P

People form relationships for many reasons. Sometimes, they fall
in love or find someone they admire. Sometimes, they want to make
someone else happy or want to add interest and adventure to their
lives. Very close relationships form when people enjoy the
pleasure of each other's company enough to want to share their

Relationships, of course, are ever changing. They shift and
evolve as the individuals in the relationship grow and get to know
one another on a deeper level. No matter how good a relationship
becomes, it can get even better when the two people learn to
accept and love each other just as they are. As you continue to
broaden your understanding of each other, Tom and Rita,
you're likely to enjoy an increasing acceptance and affection for
one another.

This profile can help you gain some of that understanding by
clarifying your personal characteristics and motivations. It will
give you a picture of the kind of individuals you are and, at the
same time, explore the dynamics involved in your relationship.
The descriptions in the profile are based on the science of

As you read this profile, you may find that you've already
addressed some of the areas mentioned here. On the other hand,
particularly if this is a new relationship, some of the issues
discussed may not yet have come to your attention. In general,
though, you'll find that most of the profile focuses directly on
many subjects of current significance in your lives.

F I R S T  I M P R E S S I O N S


You have diversified interests. Part of your activity is centered
around your concern for people. Your undertakings may cover a
considerable range, but the common denominator in many of your
activities is the satisfaction you derive from your interaction
with others. You also have an interest in material matters and
may enjoy challenges related to money and business.

You frequently enjoy change and stimulating activity. You also
like new ideas and free-spirited ventures which expand your
horizons. At times, though, you may prefer to involve yourself
primarily with your inner world and private ventures.


You interests run in a number of directions. You're concerned
with material matters. You enjoy the give and take that you find
in the business world. It may be important for you to achieve and
maintain the status you want. To that end, you spend an ample
part of your time satisfying your material needs. You often
prefer variety and a good deal of excitement in your life, too.
When your responsibilities permit, you love to explore the world,
meet new friends, see new places and investigate new interests.
If you're frequently concerned about the risks involved in some of
your activities, though, you're likely to do more dreaming than

On occasion, you're also involved with your inner life and inner
needs. In search of greater understanding, you may engage in
spiritual or philosophical pursuits. You may enjoy learning or
doing research in technical or scientific areas as well,
frequently on matters of considerable depth.


Rita, you're usually interested in reaching and maintaining a
stable and comfortable life style. You enjoy situations which
allow you to grow and change with a minimum of disturbance to the
stability you like so much. On occasion, though, when you can
look beyond your need for stability, you may exhibit a strong
interest in developing your potential. At those times, you're
usually on the lookout for favorable chances to enhance or expand
your life.

Every now and then, Tom, when you recognize promising
possibilities, you enjoy making the most of them, too. Much of
the time, though, you may not be clear on how to develop
situations with significant potential. It's worth discussing
these matters with friends or colleagues so you can get a better
grasp of the situation and a better understanding of how to make
the most of the possibilities.

H O W  T H E  T W O  O F  Y O U  G E T  O N  W I T H

O T H E R  P E O P L E --- A N D  E A C H  O T H E R



You're both adaptable part of the time. When some of your own
personal needs feel important, though, you each may not display
your usual flexibility. At these times, the two of you frequently
focus on your needs with only an occasional thought about others.
On the other hand, when your needs are not an issue, you both
often make allowances for other people's desires. When you each
make an effort to understand where others are coming from, the two
of you may find that you run into a lot less in the way of

When you're both accommodating, things go reasonably well. If
either of you find somewhat more argument and discussion in your
life than you want, it may be worth stretching a bit so that
you're flexible more of the time.



The two of you have a need for socializing that goes from one end
of the spectrum to the other. Most of the time, though, you can
plan your socializing with a minimum of problems. You both
sometimes delight in people -- parties, get-togethers or small
gatherings -- but you may also want to spend a part of your time
with only one or two close friends. At times when either of you
feels somewhat reserved, you may prefer to keep your feelings to
yourself so as not to be misunderstood.

On occasion, too, you may both prefer to see few people and attend
few gatherings. As long as you can each make it clear to the
other when it's important to spend time by yourself, the two of
you can probably make comfortable arrangements. Friends may not
always understand how strong your needs are, at these times, to be
left completely alone.



t's easy to see and appreciate the caring regard you often
display with parents and close relatives. You take part in family
get-togethers and enjoy spending time with close relatives, too.
Much of the time, you're available when your family needs you,
ready to assist in a caring and responsible way. When your own
interests are urgent, though, they sometimes override your usual
concern for others.

When you show an interest in children, as you do at times, they're
often delighted. They respond particularly when you exhibit the
joy and exhilaration you like to express. It isn't surprising
that you want to give a lot to your own children. On occasion,
though, they may not have your attention when they especially need
it because of your involvement with your own pressing matters.


When you take on some of the obligations involved with parents and
other family members, you're usually careful to fulfill them. You
generally limit the amount of responsibility you accept, though.
It's important for you to keep the pressure from these obligations
from getting in the way of your other activities. When you share
strong interests with family members, you're more inclined to
accept responsibilities on their behalf.

On occasion, you like to spend your time with youngsters. They
particularly enjoy the fun and adventure that you inject into your
time together. Your children enjoy that part of your nature as
well. With your own children, in particular, you find that there
are many times when your needs and their desires run counter to
each other. There's a good chance that your own strong needs
frequently win out. From time to time, then, you may have to deal
with the resentments generated by these situations. Despite your
loving feelings for your children, your affections aren't always
easy for you to express with them.


It's important to recognize that the two of you have different
needs and desires in regard to your parents and children. It may
be useful to clarify which tasks each of you are willing to deal
with in this area so that you can be sure that your family
obligations are taken care of. At times, you may find that other
people can help with some of the work so that either or both of
you can be freer to take care of your own interests.

You both find that outside interests sometimes interfere with
family responsibilities. Since you're likely to have more in the
way of other interests, Rita, it may prove helpful to you to
set aside specific blocks of time in advance for family matters.
Try to be clear, though, on the differing amounts of time that
each of you want to spend with parents and relatives. Tom,
you may want to plan to do your visiting much of the time without
Rita who is likely to have a lesser interest in family
affairs. Both of you have light-hearted sides likely to be much
appreciated by your family and may be worth cultivating further.

H O W  T H E  T W O  O F  Y O U  G E T  A L O N G

E M O T I O N A L L Y  A N D  S E X U A L L Y



Your sensitivity can often be of help. At times, you have a good
sense of your own feelings and can be perceptive enough to pick up
on other people's feelings, too. You can sense when people's
moods change and can adjust your own approach to take those
changes into account.

On occasion, though, when you share your insights and find that
your views aren't accepted, you may feel hurt or resentful. When
this happens, you may want to do some inner searching to get a
better understanding of yourself. Until you get to know this area
better, you may choose to play down your sensitivity so that you
feel less vulnerable.


Others are aware of the sensitivity you sometimes exhibit. They
appreciate when you're aware of your own feelings and, at the same
time, have a good understanding and acceptance of your friends'
and associates' feelings. You have the ability, when you care to
use it, of understanding people by observing how they hold and
express themselves. That can often prove most helpful.

When you feel apprehensive or rattled, though, you can maintain
some sensitivity only if you focus inwardly so that you stay fully
aware of your feelings. When you're not sure whether you'll find
favor or be treated well, you also may be intimidated or provoked.
When this happens, you may attempt to get some better awareness of
the inner depths that have been touched. When that attempt is
more than you care to make, you may choose to reduce your
vulnerability by expressing somewhat less of your sensitive side.


At those times when you're both sensitive, you can achieve a
special harmony that's likely to add a closeness to your
relationship that the two of you appreciate. When either of you
isn't sensitive to the other -- for whatever reason -- that
intimacy isn't likely to be present.

Rita, try to sustain your sensitivity by giving out that extra
effort, particularly when the situation is trying or when you're
worried that Tom might not be sympathetic to your views.
Likewise, Tom, try to maintain your usual awareness when
you're concerned that Rita might not be understanding of your
feelings. That extra effort on both your parts could count for a
lot between you.



You usually have a good grasp of the facts. When you're
discussing business affairs, possessions or just about any
material concerns, your communication is often fine. You're a
good listener, too, on these kinds of matters. The emotional side
of an issue, though, may sometimes elude you. When situations
relate strongly to other people's desires or feelings, you may
miss some of the nuances. In close relationships,
misunderstandings may sometimes arise when you fail to recognize
others' feelings.


Others are aware that you frequently communicate comfortably and
openly with them. You have a lot of enthusiasm which your friends
appreciate. On occasion, even when you're relatively quiet, your
inner vitality still shines through.

At times, though, you may not want to let others in on your
thoughts. There may be some subjects that you prefer to keep
quiet about or there may be information concerning others that you
choose not to divulge. At times, too, when you're feeling a
little anxious or self-conscious, you may sometimes prefer to be
much less vocal than usual. When you're angry or frustrated,
these feelings may also get in the way of your usually clear


You probably won't communicate with each other as well as you'd
like unless you're both willing to put in a good deal of work in
this direction. When one of you represses some of your feelings
-- and this may happen more frequently than you both would like --
it's likely to interfere with your ability to understand one
another. When either of you expresses emotions more mildly than
you're actually feeling them -- irritation, for instance, rather
than the full-blown anger you actually feel -- the message isn't
likely to be clear, either. At those times when you're brimming
with emotion, Rita, it also may not be that easy to clearly
say what you mean. When you're both willing to express your
feelings openly and honestly, though, it will make a significant
difference in how well you understand each other and how well you
get along.



Much of the time, you're a loving person. Your cherishing ways
and involved approach with family members and close friends are
likely to be among your important characteristics. When you're
not certain, though, what kind of a reception you'll receive when
you display your affections, you're likely to hold back on your
feelings. You'll find, in general, that the more affection you
show, the more appreciation you'll receive.


Much of the time, you have a heartfelt way about you and
frequently exhibit your warmth and enthusiasm. Your loving nature
and your sense of concern are often attractive to other people.
You like to form a close and understanding relation when you're
fond of another person. Although you often express your affection
freely, you sometimes keep those feelings to yourself when you're
with people whose reactions you can't predict. At times, too,
because you don't want to run the risk of being rejected by
others, you may find it more comfortable to limit how much
affection you display. When you get bolder, you're likely to find
that others generally enjoy your expressive ways.


You both can give love and tenderness to each other a lot of the
time. On occasion, though, either or both of you may limit the
affection you give because of some temporary concern about the
other's willingness to respond. It would be worthwhile discussing
your varying needs in this area, preferably when you're both
feeling good about each other. Try to remove any dissatisfactions
resulting from your different perceptions or priorities.



In your sexual relations, you stress your very caring nature and
your ability to be intimate. You want to display your extremely
affectionate feelings and receive similar tenderness in return.
The intimacy generated by your sexual relations is very important
to you. The variety and excitement in sex is usually of much less

At times, though, you may not feel comfortable in asking for what
you want in sexual matters. You can frequently get these needs
satisfied, nevertheless, when you're willing to express them


You want a sense of closeness in your intimate relations. You
often display your loving side and find satisfaction when that
love is reciprocated. You also enjoy the diversity and adventure
often associated with sex. When you can have both the intimacy
and the diversity, you receive considerable pleasure.


You both have similar needs for intimacy. The two of you are
usually capable of giving to one another -- as long as you each
understand the other's needs. In addition, Rita, the variety
you bring to your sexual activities has a good chance of
increasing the pleasure for both of you. When one of you exhibits
less interest than the other in having intimate relations, though,
your affection for each other generally makes it easy enough to
iron out the differences.

The sexual part of your relationship, then, should provide the two
of you with satisfaction. The good feelings established here may
help in resolving any difficulties that may be encountered in
other areas.

H O W  Y O U  B O T H  D E A L  W I T H  M O N E Y ,

B U S I N E S S  A N D  P O S S E S S I O N S



By and large, you're usually realistic about material matters.
When you're resolving personal concerns -- major purchases for
your home, for instance, or planning vacations -- you tend to be
rational. When you're involved with work or career, your
conclusions are generally based on a reasonable view of the facts
at hand. You may get upset or excited a bit more than others,
though, causing your objectivity to lose its edge on occasion.
At times, too, you can be dreamy or idealistic. In these
situations, you often don't look at material matters with the same
logic and objectivity that you usually use. Most of the time,
however, your sense of realism shines through.


When you're working on the practical affairs that concern you --
matters related to work or your personal life -- you're reasonably
objective much of the time. When you're dreamy or guided by your
idealism, though, you may not see the picture as clearly as usual.
When you stop daydreaming and being unrealistic, your
discrimination and powers of analysis usually return quickly. By
and large, you have a good grasp of the facts. Your findings
generally appear to rest on a grounded view of reality.


You can often work together comfortably on material matters. Much
of the time, you look at the world with a similar sense of realism
and objectivity. When you're involved with material affairs, you
frequently see the facts of the matter in much the same way.
Occasionally, though, you each get somewhat dreamy and
considerably less objective. In addition, Tom, when you get
emotional, your strong feelings may also distort your approach.
At these times, both of you aren't seeing matters with your usual
clarity. At times when either of you lose your objectivity -- for
whatever reason -- it may take a bit of effort for the objective
person to help the other to see matters more realistically.




You have some innate business ability and a reasonable
understanding of finances and commercial affairs. When you choose
to concentrate on business matters, you can do quite well. With
your other interests, though, you may frequently decide to use
your business skills merely as an addition to your other
capabilities. You may place your primary emphasis on the non-
business side of your ventures.


You can do well in the business world when you choose to use your
management or organizational capabilities. Your ability to
produce and maintain order is a special skill which may bring you
considerable satisfaction. You can also work hard, often when
complex details are involved, with good results. When you combine
these business capabilities with some of your other talents, you
may be able to make an even greater impact. You may feel just as
comfortable, though, making use of these skills in places other
than the business world.


Although the two of you have good business ability, you aren't
necessarily inclined in that direction. When either or both of
you choose, though, to make use of your skills with money and
people in commercial ventures, you can produce good results.
Rita, although your hard work is helpful, you display a fixity
in your approach that may, on occasion, alienate some of your
colleagues. Somewhat less dogmatism along with somewhat more
flexibility can make it easier to get ahead. Tom, your
unusual approaches and unique solutions can be particularly
helpful. When you assert your individuality, though, it may come
across, at times, in a dominating way that may irritate your
associates. You can make considerably more of your business
potential when you treat your associates with a lighter touch.
When you both choose to emphasize your other capabilities instead
of your commercial talents, your business skills may still prove
helpful in achieving success.





You both want a comfortable material life. You each have some
ambitions and often work toward your objectives with vigor. The
two of you also are willing to tolerate a good deal of strain in
pursuing your material goals. At times, though, the stresses that
you're willing to accept may place pressure on your relationship.
You both may want to examine the returns you receive in some of
these pressure-cooker situations and clarify whether the gains are
worth the problems generated by the stresses.



H O W  T H E  O P P O R T U N I T I E S  A N D

I N F L U E N C E S  I N  2 0 0 4  W I L L  A F F E C T

Y O U R  L I V E S  T O G E T H E R


At this time in your life, Tom, you're likely to have an
interest in your independence along with a concern with your
accomplishments and the status and recognition that go along with
those accomplishments. Even if you're not directly involved with
business matters, you're apt to have some interest in the business
dealings of those close to you. You also have an interest in
giving to others in a loving and caring way. At this time, you
may choose to develop your creative side as well. If you have a
career or a personal situation in which you feel independent and
can also stress your giving side, you may find a good deal of
satisfaction during this period. If this isn't the case, you may
find yourself continually working to balance your differing needs.

The broad ongoing concerns just described may occupy you for a
number of years. Of more immediate effect in your daily life,
though, are the specific areas of interest which attract you.
Let's look at the specific areas on which you're apt to focus your
attention in 2004.

This is likely to be a year of hard work -- mental, physical or
possibly both. This is a time to put your affairs in order and a
time to take care of all the details. Most importantly, this is a
time to test everything for practicality and stability and to
establish a secure base for future development. The work to be
done is likely to involve career matters or financial affairs. It
may also be related to your home and possibly even to some of your

Make sure that you're clear on the extent of your obligations.
Don't try to put off any of your work because it's too difficult
or unpleasant. If you shirk your duties, you're likely to find
that you'll have more on your hands in the future and a lessened
interest in taking care of it. Although the year may provide less
than you would like in terms of lighter activities, the work
accomplished may play a significant role in your development in
the next few years.

The work you have to do may be long and sometimes tedious. Your
responsibilities may often require completion of a job under a
sharply curtailed schedule. Try to do the work involved to the
best of your ability and remain fully aware of the contributions
these particular tasks are making toward your future.

If, at times, you feel somewhat restricted, you may need to adjust
your viewpoint to a broader, more positive direction. Check with
someone who knows you well and see if a more objective view about
your feelings of limitation can be of some benefit. On occasion,
the pressure of work may have some effect on your health. Take
care of any health matters promptly while also working to relieve
the source of the pressure.


You're likely to be looking for more security and stability at
this time, Rita, either in business or in your personal life.
You may find this a good time to prepare a sturdy foundation for
some of your current ventures in order to facilitate forward
movement in the future. You're apt to have an interest, too, in
developing and expressing your independence or in developing the
material side of your life. You may want to expand or advance in
the business world and strengthen your abilities so as to receive
additional money, status or recognition. If you're not personally
involved with business matters, you may display a concern with the
business affairs of close friends or family. At times, you may
feel pulled between your need to expand and your need to
consolidate. Try to evaluate your position in terms of the
potential for future progress and make your decisions accordingly.

You may be occupied for several years with the general interests
described above. In addition to those general interests, though,
there are a few specific areas of concern which have a much
stronger impact on your daily life. Let's examine the specific
areas of concern which are likely to attract your attention in

Your family and close friends are likely to be the focus of a good
deal of your attention this year. There may be considerable
involvement with responsibilities related to children or parents.
This is a fine time to enjoy the pleasures of love, romance and
long-term relationships. This may be a year to consider marriage
or to renew or become further acquainted with the pleasures
related to that relationship.

If your work is connected with the care of children or the
elderly, physical or mental health matters or social work, that
work may be particularly highlighted in 2004. Whenever you're
involved with activities beyond your family and close friends,
though, everything is likely to move at a relatively slow pace.
Be receptive to the comparatively low-keyed influences and
opportunities which come your way this year.

There may be significant demands on you in 2004 -- demands for
your time, energy, affection, possibly money as well. It wouldn't
be surprising if you occasionally have more responsibility than is
comfortable. It's important that you take care of your
obligations in as loving and caring a manner as you can. If, for
whatever reason, you find it easier to look the other way, you may
have to deal with the consequences at a later date. If you work
consistently for harmony and balance, and can give much love and
affection, you'll generally feel amply rewarded.


You're each working under very different circumstances in 2004.
Tom, you're likely to be feeling a good deal of pressure from
the obligations you've accepted or the foundation-building in
which you're engaged. On the other hand, Rita, you're apt to
be more concerned with home and family responsibilities or with
work involving helping and caring for others. You may have to
exert some effort to share this year's experiences with each other
because you're both stressing such different things in your life
at this time.

Because of your particularly caring nature in 2004, Rita, this
may be a year emphasizing love and romance with Tom. If your
communication with each other is clear, the mutual good feelings
can rise to new heights. If either or both of you are repressing
your feelings, the communication isn't likely to be clear, and
there may be significant problems to work on instead.

Each of you can benefit from the other's support. Rita, try
to allow time to be there when Tom feels frustrated or
overburdened. You don't have to help with Tom's work -- that
may feel more like meddling than helping -- but your emotional
backing at trying times can be extremely helpful. It may prove an
important factor in cementing the bond between you.

Rita, if Tom can listen to your troubles and bolster you
when you're having a difficult time, that backing can prove of
immense benefit in bringing the two of you closer together. If
Tom can point out when you're not taking care of your own
needs because of your over concern for others, Rita, that may
help you to develop a better balanced approach.

Make sure you both set aside time to spend together at regular
intervals, if at all possible. Unless you each plan and work to
make it happen, your other activities may take precedence.
Without that planning, you may find little time for problem
solving and mutual pleasures. The tone of 2004 is likely to be
determined, in considerable part, by the amount of understanding
you have of each other's activities and the caring support you can
provide for each other.

W H A T  Y O U  C A N  B O T H  E X P E C T  F R O M

T H I S  R E L A T I O N S H I P


The two of you now have a good idea of your significant
personality traits as described by numerology. You have a good
idea, too, of how you can expect to be treated by each other --
and how you both relate to parents, children and friends. You're
also aware of your corresponding traits in regard to business and
financial matters.

The beauty and success of your relationship is partly dependent on
these characteristics as well as the efforts the two of you are
willing to make to more fully understand and appreciate each other.
The interest that you both have in material possessions, financial
affairs and business relations forms an important link between
you. Both of you also have a desire to explore the excitement and
variety in the world around you. In addition, Tom, you have
a sincere interest in people. When you both share some of your
experiences in these areas with each other, the two of you may
derive considerable closeness and pleasure. Don't be surprised,
though, if there's a certain amount of give and take involved
before you feel completely comfortable together. The differences
in your personalities may serve as opportunities to learn from
each other's strengths.

The concern, trust and good will that you both have for the other
are of considerable importance. There's one factor, though, that
matters more than all others in making this a successful
relationship. A good life together depends on the extent of your
personal commitment to help each other develop, both as
individuals and as part of a loving couple.

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