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High quality Male and Female Hairstyles and Cosmetics

 If you would like to download this page to peruse at a later time, please do so HERE.

We enable everyone to experiment with their outlook in a wide range with minimal requirements for equipment and experience. We can select, mould and color many fashionable hairstyles of all types to suit your face. We can also apply over the image of any face various cosmetic effects like changing the color of eyes, lips (lipstick and lipliner), face tan and shades. In all operations there is an unlimited number of colors.

The main features of Hairstyles and Cosmetics are:

           Shows the user with fashionable hairstyles;

           Changes color of hairstyles dynamically;

           Customizes hairstyle to user's face;

           Adds new hairstyles;

           Changes color of eyes;

           Applies lipstick, lipliner and shades;

           Changes face complexion;

          Supports the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish and  Italian.

In the section Cosmetics we can change the color of the eyes, lips and lipliner. We can select the color and size of the make-up brush, as well as change the face complexion.

Face requirements:

It should be a full-face photograph, providing equal visibility of both ears;  

the eyes should watch directly into the camera.

Hair should be tightly adjusted on the back of the head, making both ears

and forehead clearly visible.

Mouth - closed, without lipstick; face not made up.

The body in a perfectly upright position.

The picture should include the shoulders and chest too.

For good impression the face should express freshness and optimism.

Picture should be contrastive and clear and sent as an attachment in

formats .bmp, .jpg or .gif to  together with the  

following information:

Hairstyle Color you require (Obligatory)

Hairstyle type you require, whether long, medium, short or special. (Obligatory)

Color of eyes you require (optional)

Color of lipstick you require (optional)

Color of lipliner you require (optional)

Thank you.


Mini Combo:                  3,00 pesos  (US$1.00)   for one   hairstyle.

Combo:                          6,00 pesos  (US$2.00)   for three  hairstyles.

Maxi Combo:               10,00 pesos  (US$3.35)   for five    hairstyles.

Super Combo:             12,00 pesos  (US$4.00)   for eight  hairstyles.

Super-Duper Combo: 15.00 pesos  (US$5.00)   for ten     hairstyles.

The minimum cost by credit card is US $ 2.00 for three hairstyles.

Additional optional costs:

0,50 pesos for color of the eyes or US $ 0.16

3 pesos (US $1.00) to take the photograph in:

San Martin 982,

1 piso – Dpto G,

C1004AAT – Buenos Aires.

By prior arrangement.

Finally, if you have any doubts or questions, please do send them to and we will answer all queries.


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