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Geoff's Errand







and Shares,

Hairstyles and Cosmetics, and Buenos Aires Consult.




Bs.As. Consult

BA Consult Pay


Errand Service

Errand Service 1

Errand Service 2

Errand Service 3






PC Repair

Repair Costs


Stocks & Shares

Stock Selector

Selector Pay

Stock Watch

 Stock Watch +

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 Computer Repair

Online, telephone, and email technical support services.


1.   1. Online Computer Consulting and Helpdesk

  • Software troubleshooting/installation

  • Troubleshooting/Repair

  • Maintenance/Backup

  • Computer Tutoring

  • Computer Purchase Assistance (Equipment Acquisition Consulting)

  • Tutoring on almost any subject involving Computers or the Internet

Virtual visits by exploring your pc with your prior permission. Any time you need us, we're here in a flash. Literally. (This service requires a working Internet connection, if yours isn't working, we may be able to help you over the phone.)

You can invite us to your computer by installing free software and following the directions to connect to our computer systems. Once connected, our experts can move your mouse and type on your keyboard virtually, as though they were sitting at your machine. This allows them to change settings, fix problems with windows or other software, or show our clients how to do certain tasks.

The simple instructions, in English and Spanish, for inviting us to your computer over the Internet can be downloaded aqui

If we can't fix it, there's no charge!


2. Telephone, and email technical support services

A. Telephone

We will walk you or your employees through problems over the phone or answer computer/Internet questions.

B. Email technical support

You can ask a quick question or send all online email correspondence to:

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