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 Stocks and Shares

Stocks and Shares Buy and Sell Odds

Using Stocks and Shares Buy and Sell Odds is as simple as one, two, three!

One: Enter information about a particular security in the appropriate fields below by copying and pasting page in Microsoft Word or Notebook, etc, or by clicking DOWNLOAD.

Two: Send to to receive the odds on buying or selling your security right away.

The costs are:


US $2.50 for up to   25 consultations

US $3.00 for up to   30 consultations

US $4.00 for up to   40 consultations

US $5.00 for up to   50 consultations


You can go here to pay or to the payment page. Thank you.

Required Fields:

 aSecurity Name

 aSecurity Type

     (Bond, Mutual Fund or Stock)

 aCurrent Price Per Share

 aNumber of Shares

 aInvestor’s Name

 aDate of Birth


 aPersonal Information

     (Single, Married, Divorced or Widowed)

 aDesired Action

     (Buy or Sell)

 aSelect current date or any future date of your choice


Optional Fields:

 aStock Exchange

     (New York, American, Nasdaq or Foreign)

 aAccount Type

     (Regular, Retirement or Trust)

 aBroker's Name or Broker's Firm Name

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