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Stocks and Shares Selector Service

Like most investors, you probably spend a great deal of time researching stocks for a short-term trade. Would you like us to help you find winning stock choices using some time-tested and proven strategies developed by some of the world's top traders?

Now, you can achieve that same success with our stock picking service for finding stocks poised for explosive short-term gains.

If you'd like to know:

  • Which stocks to buy

  • Exactly what price to pay

  • When to sell

  • How to reduce your risk

  • How to simplify and improve the process of finding great stocks

  • And how to consistently compound your portfolio value, then,

you'll love this service of ours which is absolutely "must have"  for today's trading activity.

Thanks to the Internet, accurate online financial statements and inexpensive but powerful computers, all you need to do is make one mouse click and our amazingly easy-to-run service will uncover today's hottest stocks that are on the move right now, instantly.

Here Is How It Works...

Specific screening criteria to scout out the potential winners.

Independent style of operation.

The monitoring of every publicly traded company with our own set of privately licensed market indicators to bring you the winners each day!

We know that when you are looking for a stock to trade, you want your list Fast & Accurate. That's what we're here for: to give you the answers to the questions...

  • What stock should I buy?

  • When should I buy it?

  • When should I sell it?

Our New Stocks and Shares Selector Service Gives You Exactly This.

Our Stocks and Shares Selector Service is the result of my personal trading experience, over the last 12 years and the culmination of thousands of hours of market research.

Through our involvement with various companies and industry experts, we often make discoveries and breakthroughs that can be applied to retail investor's trading strategies daily.

Now You Can ...


         Find consistent earnings growth


         Scan for momentum in individual stocks


         Keep your emotions from getting in the way of your trading success


         Effectively place stop limit & stop loss orders


         Finally profit as a short-term trader


         Compound your portfolio value consistently, like clockwork.

If you are ready to trade stocks like a professional short-term trader... Read On.

We started with the idea that if you could make just a one percent a day, and cover your commissions you could compound portfolio value pretty quickly. It is not really rocket science. It's quite simple...

A One dollar stock that goes up 2 cents is up 2%. A Three dollar stock... six cents. I have news for you people, you do not have to hit a six with every trade. Compounding small gains is powerful stuff.

See for yourself...  Give us a try for free and if you like what we give you, then and only then can you contract our service.

For free trial :

COST of stocks and shares selector service

US $6 per selection


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